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Recent Reviews

Store Review
Sep 6
Sparc - Sonoma

5 / 5

Amazingly, this is the only licensed dispensary in the city of Sonoma, California. Given that they have a municipality-granted monopoly, they could charge more at this store than their other locations, but they don’t. I appreciate that they set a fair price rather than “maximizing profit”. 

The store is clean and bright, the staff helpful and kind. I especially appreciate the blue “sale table” - where some products are discounted. It made me smile, reminded of the “blue light specials” at Kmart from my youth. 

It’s hard to believe it’s the only store in town, but if there has to be just one, Sparc is holding it down like a champ. 
Store Review
Aug 21
Solful - Sebastopol

5 / 5

Nestled into the corner of an outdoor mall on Sebastopol’s West end of downtown, this charming store has that zen spa feel. Everyone was super friendly and helpful at check in. It was easy and fast. 

I checked the drops for the store before my visit, as has become my habit. An unpressed hash from Nasha caught my eye in the recent drops. When I arrived, Anthony helped me find what I was after. In a flash, he found the hash! Guava Bomb Green Unpressed. He also gave me some really helpful tips about Nasha’s color brand scheme. He seemed really knowledgeable, but unfortunately the store was about to close so I cut the chit-chat short and cashed out. 

Though my visit was brief, I found exactly what I was liking for and enjoyed a lovely experience in a beautiful store I’ve never visited before. I’ll certainly visit again when I’m in Sebastopol. Maybe Anthony and I can continue our chat. 😀
Store Review
Aug 20
Jane Dispensary - Cotati

5 / 5

What a beautiful store! Natural light and plants abound at this oasis of weed in Cotati. The location is super convenient, but feels almost rural. I heard a horse whinny when I got out of my car. 

The product selection is top-notch, as I would expect from a Jane dispensary. I had a delightful chat with Jason about the various flower offerings. He inspired me to pick up a jar of Peach Zkittles from Willow Creekside Farms along with some recently dropped Good Tide candy. I shared the buzz URL and was delighted to hear it well received. It’s fun to share the project and see people get excited about it. 

My visit was really so lovely, I look forward to seeing Jason, Cameron and the other kind people working at Jane dispensary. 
Store Review
Aug 20
Redwood Herbal Alliance

5 / 5

This store is the northern-most store in Santa Rosa, located in the Larkfield / Wikiup neighborhood community. Conveniently located near the Airport Ave exit from highway 101, I suppose this must be a favorite destination not only for neighbors but for people who live in Windsor and maybe even Healdsburg. 

This store has invested significant resources in security and it shows. The store looks typical from the outside, with a roll-down security door artfully incorporated into the door frame. The lobby is a seriously secure room. Metal security doors and a super thick plexiglass window are a bit intimidating, but necessary to prevent the store from being a target for break-ins. It’s completely understandable and appreciated that protocols for safety and security are followed here. This helps mitigate the “attractive nuisance” objections from neighbors and keeps prices down by limiting the store's theft liability. 

Redwood leads with concentrates, mostly in cartridges. Close behind is a fine selection of top-shelf edibles. All the leading brands were present, as well as some brands I haven’t seen anywhere elsewhere in Sonoma County. 

The staff were friendly, helpful and easy-going. I picked up a jar of Jokerz x LA Push Rocks sauce from Big Red’s Cannabis Co. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to RHA and will stop in again when I'm in the Larkfield / Wikiup area.
Product Review
Jul 24
Tsunami Capsules (10 ct)

5 / 5

Predictably effective. Love these for concerts and lounging poolside
Product Review
Jul 24

5 / 5

Delightful smoke. Perfectly cured
Product Review
Jul 23
Sour Diesel - 3.5g

5 / 5

The expertise at Glass House comes through in the product. I got the smalls in a 14g pack - perfect for putting in the grinder - they already cleared out the stems for me. :-)

The bright and energizing aroma of gas hit me as soon as I opened the bag. The flowers are perfectly cured - yielding to the touch, but easy to break up and stuff into a bowl or grinder. 

I'm very grateful to the good people at Glass House Farms for providing such joyful herb - it's truly a pleasure to roll it up!
Product Review
Jul 22

5 / 5

Ridiculously delicious! So clean, there's basically nothing left after the dab. This is primo-quality, next-level extract. I feel fortunate to have access to this!

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