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Cannabis Event Organizers in Northern California

There are several cannabis event organizers in Northern California, responsible for planning and hosting various cannabis-related events in the region. These event organizers play a crucial role in bringing together cannabis enthusiasts, industry professionals, and businesses to celebrate, educate, and advocate for the cannabis industry. Here are some examples of cannabis event organizers in Northern California:

  1. Emerald Cup: The Emerald Cup is one of the most well-known cannabis events in Northern California and is held annually in the Emerald Triangle region. It is a prestigious cannabis competition that celebrates the best cultivators, products, and brands in the industry. The event also includes live music, vendor booths, educational panels, and more.
  2. Humboldt Cannabis Chamber of Commerce: This organization hosts events and networking opportunities for cannabis businesses and professionals in Humboldt County. Their events focus on supporting local businesses and promoting sustainable cannabis practices.
  3. Canna-Events: Canna-Events is a cannabis event production company that organizes educational and social events related to cannabis in various locations throughout Northern California. Their events often feature expert speakers, workshops, and opportunities for networking.
  4. High Times Cannabis Cups: High Times, a leading cannabis media company, hosts Cannabis Cups in different locations, including Northern California. These events feature competitions, music performances, seminars, and vendor expos.
  5. NorCal Cannabis Cup: Organized by High Times, the NorCal Cannabis Cup is a cannabis competition and festival held in Northern California, featuring top cannabis brands, products, and live entertainment.
  6. Cannabis Festivals: Various event organizers plan cannabis festivals in different Northern California cities and counties. These festivals often include vendor booths, live music, educational talks, and opportunities for socializing and networking.
  7. Local Cannabis Organizations: Several local cannabis organizations in Northern California plan smaller-scale events, workshops, and educational sessions for their communities. These organizations focus on promoting cannabis awareness, advocacy, and social equity.
Vaportent Lounges, LLC
Dar Vida, Inc
Haboob media
Blap Productions LLC
The Queen of Dragons
Emerald Triangle Legacy L.L.C.
Secret Sesh LLC
Sounds Bazaar LLC
Cresco California
Exhale Med Center
CrystalNugs, Inc
Embarc Events LLC
Hey Jackpot LLC
Stonefish Inc
Karen Byars
Ohana Cannabis Co
Grower's Market
Make Green Events LLC
Valley Pure Lemoore, LLC
Conquest Marketing Group
Dream Fields
Capitol Compliance Management LLC
Kalla Holdings LLC
Lav8 Corporation
Judah Bell
Farmacy Santa Ana
Worst Generation Industries LLC
Cusp High Freq LLC
Gallantri Industries Inc.
The Foxx Law Group
Master Collective Management, LLC
Vibe Salinas LLC
Dragonfly Wellness Center (North Coast Wellbeing dba)
Coachella Cannabis Festival
Oxygen LLC
420 All Stars, LLC.
Dem Irie Vibez
Kind Delivery Co
Cannabis Event Planning
Consulting with Grace LLC
Tank Friends LLC
Community Gardens, Inc.

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