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Cannabis Lounges in Northern California

Cannabis lounges in Northern California are slowly emerging as a new concept in the legal cannabis market. Cannabis lounges, also known as consumption lounges or social lounges, are venues where adults can legally consume cannabis products on-site in a social and regulated setting. These lounges provide a safe and controlled environment for cannabis consumption, similar to the way bars allow alcohol consumption.

Here are some key points about cannabis lounges in Northern California:

Regulations and Local Approval: Cannabis lounges are subject to strict regulations and require approval from both state and local authorities. Local jurisdictions have the authority to decide whether or not to allow cannabis lounges within their boundaries. This has resulted in a patchwork of regulations, with some cities and counties permitting lounges while others have chosen to ban them.

Private vs. Public Lounges: There are typically two types of cannabis lounges: private and public. Private lounges are often associated with cannabis social clubs, where membership is required to enter and consume cannabis. Public lounges are open to the general public for a fee.

Cannabis Consumption Rules: Cannabis lounges usually have strict rules around consumption, including age restrictions (only adults aged 21 and older are allowed), limits on the amount of cannabis that can be consumed, and restrictions on other substances like alcohol.

Social Environment: Cannabis lounges aim to create a social and welcoming atmosphere for cannabis enthusiasts to come together, relax, and enjoy their chosen products. They may offer amenities such as comfortable seating, entertainment, and educational resources.

Community and Advocacy: Cannabis lounges can also serve as spaces for community engagement and cannabis advocacy. They may host events, workshops, and educational sessions related to cannabis.

Barbary Coast Cannabis Lounge

Store: Barbary Coast

Cannabis Lounge and Weed Cafe in SOMA

Store: Urbana - SoMa

High Way

Store: High Way

Isletons Consumption Lounge

Store: Delta Boyz

Moe Greens Smoking Lounge

Store: Moe Greens

Papa & Barkley Smoking Lounge

Store: Papa & Barkley Social Dispensary

The High Tide Lounge

Store: EcoCann

Top Floor Lounge

Store: Mission Cannabis Club

Union Station Lounge

Store: Union Station

Urbana Geary Cannabis Lounge

Store: Urbana

Urbana Mission Lounge

Store: Urbana - Mission

Vapor Room San Francisco Lounge

Store: Vapor Room San Francisco

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