This website is for cannabis product research, advocacy, education, organizing and social engagement. Age 21 or older please. There is nothing for sale here. Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Terms of Use

Straight talk and a fair deal. It’s really that simple. The goal is to build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships among people doing business in the cannabis industry. No corporate sales pitch, no hidden fees, no obligation to pay anything at all unless you get paid. Let's lead with dignity in our relationships, do business and have a good time.

The Fine Print

High quality, comprehensive listings benefit everyone, so all β€œlistings”: brand, product, user review, lounge, event, etc. are free of charge. Once more for the people in the back... ALL LISTINGS ARE FREE.

This site is supported by "Partner Stores". These stores agree to the mutually beneficial terms outlined in the very short list below:

That’s it.

* These terms and conditions may change in language at any time, but the intent of this project will not.


NO SALES - For Research, Price Comparison, Social Engagement and Organizing Only

Nothing is purchased on this website. Purchases are made at retail stores, at event locations, or at time of delivery. This website provides shopping list and order generation features for consumers, but the actual purchase is not made here. References to "orders" on this website refer to lists of products that a customer intends to purchase at a store or event location, or have delivered.


For Brands

There are never any listing fees, so brands can easily and reliably showcase their products without laying out any cash.


For Consumers

Consumers need a simple way to research and engage with local cannabis stores, find cannabis products, compare prices and get notifications for product drops. For each partner store, this website offers a cannabis-friendly, reliable online advocate and tool for customers. On the store page, links to the store website and socials are prominently displayed and easy for customers to find. Fresh product drops, discounts, promos and email notifications are one-click easy.

Privacy is especially important when it comes to cannabis due to social stigma against it. This website does not share or sell any user information. In fact, there is no need for consumers to use their real name (except for delivery) and a ZIP code is enough for geolocation. Consumers will provide valid identification when making the actual purchase at the store or event.


For Stores

This site serves as an augment to the store website product listings, a backup during outages and a turn-key way to provide inventory notifications. Product listings are automatically updated every day, directly from the platform APIs whenever possible.

Stores are not required to configure an API or any kind of website software. Managing the store page, updating socials and discounts is all easy and free. Product listings can also be manually managed or taken directly from Metrc.


Partner Stores Get A Helping Hand

Partner stores have an expert "on call" when they need technical help. In addition to maintaining the product listings and features on this website, private consultation is also offered at a fair hourly rate.
Unless otherwise notified, every effort will be made to respond to communications within 24 hours.



All cannabis, no alcohol or other drugs. All local laws respected, age 21 and up only. All user content subject to review and removal. Let's keep it clean please.


For People, Not Profit!

This project supports consumers, not corporations.
We rely entirely on the support of users like you.
No corporate sponsors, no special interest influence here.
People who support this site enjoy no limits on shopping lists, custom reports and data retention. Special access is provided to power-user features and downloadable daily deep-dive reports.
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